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New Stagemaker 2
    Operating Configurations  
SR body up SR body down
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  rubber buffers

Improved Ergonomics
• Rubber buffers located on hoist corners provide added protection for the hoist
• New ergonomic concept for the retractable, rubber clad handgrips, allow for easy transportation of the hoist
• Lifting hook has an ergonomic, rubber clad, gripping surface


Stagemker SR Series Hoist


• Hoist body is powder coated with black, protective 70µm paint, allowing it it to perform under the most extreme conditions
• Hoist meets ecology regulations and is RoHS compliant
• New "Perfect Push," patented concept, 5 pocket load wheel, fitted with 5 intermediate teeth. This innovation provides innovative load wheel helps distribute the load over more of the chain, dramatically reducing chain wear, and also helps to provide a smooth and quite flow of the chain through the hoist.
• Chainflux design, rear ejection chain guide system, provides a horizontal flow of the chain from the load wheel. This design, along with the high strength aluminum construction, allows for a more fluid flow of the chain into the chain bag and helps reduce the risk of chain jamming.
• Motor design provides consistent speeds when both fully loaded or unloaded
• Electrical components designed for "plug and play" connectivity

  Stagemaker SR Series Hoist

Types of Control

• Config A - Direct voltage control
• Config B - 3 phase with low voltage control
• Config C - Encoder based hoists available


Technical Characteristics

• IP 55 rated
• Complies with standards: CE and CSA
• Double brake and BGV-D8+ hoists available
• Maintenance free DC disk brake
• Easy changeover
between body up and body down positions
• Electric limit switch as standard on config B
• Stromag geared limit switch set up to easily accept encoder installation by factory or customer
• Black chain as standard with galvanized chain available
• ChainFlux MKII® specially designed chain guide
• New "Perfect Push®" 5 pocket load wheel with 5 intermediate guide teeth
• Plug and play electronics uses the same card for all SR hoists. One spare covers the entire range of hoists.

• ACF control board (config A )

• Adjustable torque limiter
• Available Power Supplies:

  • 208V/230V/3Ph/60Hz

  • 460V/3P/60Hz

  • 415V/3P/50Hz

• Black painted hoist body (RAL 7021)
• Rotating upper and lower hooks along with fixed body hook available

• Retractable, rubber clad handgrips
• Lifting hook with ergonomic, rubber clad, gripping surface
• High capacity, reversible chain bag
• Available plugs:
  • CE type plugs (config A, direct control hoist only)

  • 7 pin

  • Dual Twist Lock

  • P14

  • L14-20, L5-20 or XLR available for local control

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