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Stagemaker Service 101 (½ Day Session) October 27, 2011
Join us the day before LDI in Orlando, Florida, Thursday, October 27, 2011 at the Residence Inn - Orlando Convention Center 8800 Universal Blvd., Orlando FL 32819...

This is an all-inclusive, free course that provides training on all service aspects of the Stagemaker electric chain hoist. We will focus on the service, maintenance, and inspection plans for all technicians.

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R&M introduces the Stagemaker hoist


Concerto release Mississauga, Ontario
October 12, 2010

Niscon Inc. is pleased to announce the formal release of our Concerto series of
Variable Speed Concert Hoists. This hoist has been engineered using a Stagemaker®
Concert Hoist body with the support and assistance of R&M Materials Handling of
Springfield, Ohio. The first public showing took place at PLASA 2010 in London, UK at
the Hoist UK Ltd. show stand. Representatives from R&M Materials Handling, Inc. and
Stagemaker were on hand to celebrate and promote the release....

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R&M introduces the Stagemaker hoist

Niscon, Inc.
1 1

R&M Materials Handling Inc. introduces the Stagemaker® SM2
Small but Powerful

SPRINGFIELD, OH (October 3, 2008)—R&M Material Handling, Inc. proudly introduces the new
Stagemaker SM2 Concert Hoist. High power packed into a compact model, the SM2 has all the
advantages of the SM5 in an SM1 body...

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R&M introduces the Stagemaker hoist

Stagemaker SM2

R&M Materials Handling Inc. introduces the Stagemaker® Hoist
An ergonomic solution for event and performance rigging applications

SPRINGFIELD, OH (May 9, 2008)—The Stagemaker® hoist by R&M Materials Handling, Inc. is
an ergonomic solution designed to lift staging, theatrical, and lighting equipment. Stagemaker®
hoists ensure accurate positioning of speakers, lighting systems, stage sets, curtains, and
sceneries. With a lifting capacity range of 1/16 to 5 ton and varied power ranges, speeds, chain
sizes, and configurations, the Stagemaker® is equipped to meet the needs of any performance.

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R&M introduces the Stagemaker hoist

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STAGEMAKER® Variable Speed Hoist
Configuration E - Raynok* Programmable control system
Combine the Stagemaker® Configuration E hoist with third party variable speed motion control such as Raynok Motion Control System from Nicson, Inc. for ultimate flexibility and synchronization of motion.
• High-precision, gentle lifting
• Lower shock and stress on carrying structure
• Efficient load handling
• Excellent investment return at an incredible price!

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COnfiguration E controller

Stagemaker® Olympic Installation 2008
Stagemaker® has supplied more than 500 chain hoists for the Olympic Games in Beijing. Four hundred of the hoists will be used to lift the lighting and sound equipment used to create the scenic effects for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The other 100 hoists will be used throughout the stadium complex and at other Olympic venues.




Olympic installation

STAGEMAKER® Single Speed Hoist
Configuration C - Raynok* Programmable control system
Stagemaker® Configuration C hoists used with a programmable controller allow you to pre-program cues and control hoists individually, simultaneously or by groups.

Ideal for:
• Live performance venues
• Television
• File studios
• Casino showrooms
• Boardrooms
• Convention facilities
• Sporting complexes and much, much more

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Raynok Configuration C Controller

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