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Stagemaker single speed hoist
Configuration C - Single Speed
Stagemaker® Configuration C hoists used with a programmable controller allow you to pre-program cues and control hoists individually, simultaneously or by groups. Ideal for live performance venues, television and film studios, casino showrooms, boardrooms, convention facilities and sporting complexes.
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Features and options
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Third party controllers and software, such as Niscon, Inc.'s Raynok Motion Control System, maximize the capabilities of Stagemaker® Configuration C hoists. Raynok's software allows the creative and technical teams to create fluid scenic imagery. Utilizing common Windows™ XP commands, Raynok makes learning basic and advanced programming and cueing easy and intuitive. Drop down menus, right mouse button menus, toolbars, and customizable multi-monitor graphic display aid the operator in configuring a comfortable desktop workspace.

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system description and requirements
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