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Stagemaker single speed hoist

System Description
• Hoist selection can be defined for individual or group operation (with adjustable synchronization).
• The various positions of the hoists are determined by an incremental encoder. The information is then recorded and temporarily stored in the programmable controller in the event of power failure.
• The pre-selection, height adjustment, and delays can be set separately in order to create multiple combinations in accordance with the various shows and stage sets.
• Special effects can be created by adjusting the delay and synchronization features.
• Manual operation is possible without the PC using the controller touch keys and LED indicator.

PC requirements
• Windows OS - XP Professional recommended
• CPU Pentium III, or higher
• Memory 512MB RAM, or higher
• Resoultion 1024 x 768 pixels
• CD drive
• 10/100 network card
• 250MB storage space

Features and options
Controller diagram
SYstem desicription and requirements
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