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Stagemaker Variable speed hoist

Hoist Features
• Black load chain with chain container for up to 100 ft of chain
• Non-reflecting matte black finish
• Fixed body hook
• Upper and lower limit switches (weight-operated)
• Over-load protection via the torque limiting device
• Steel electrical enclosure
• No controls
• Wiring to terminal strip
• Brake rectifier

• Two round cable glands for 5/16" - 9/16" diameter
• 230-3Ph-60Hz power supply

concert application



• Self locking hooks (top and bottom)
• Swiveling body hook
• Second brake
• Vinyl rain cover
• Drain hole in load sprocket compartment
• Slack fall stop
• Geared limit switch
• Inverted mounting position includes a polyamide chain guide, handgrips and a swiveling hook. Upper and lower limit switches (weight-operated) are removed and geared limit switches are added.
• Sensor bearing with filter for positioning*
• Ergonomic Handles

Features and options
controller diagram
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    * Must be added to hoist to work with Raynok controllers and variable speed control system.

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