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Configuration E - Raynok* Programmable Control System - Variable Speed

manual chain hoist Raynok* Motion Control System from Niscon, Inc.
Combine the Stagemaker® Configuration E hoist with third party variable speed motion control such as the Raynok* Motion Control System from Niscon, Inc. for ultimate flexibility and synchronization of motion. A Raynok Inverter Drive module provides infinitely variable speed, 1/8" accuracy and the ability to maintain synchronized position and speed control, between multiple motors. With the Raynok software in control multiple cues are easily configured with individual target, speed, acceleration and deceleration settings. Motor groups can be created to ensure that they move together within user configurable tolerances. Say goodbye to jerky truss motion and hello to smooth, fluid motion with the Stagemaker® Configuration E and Raynok.
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Niscon Configuration E controller

* Controllers and software, which have been designed and tested with Stagemaker® hoists, are provided by Niscon, Inc. Raynok is a trade name of Niscon, Inc. Computers, remotes, controllers and connectors are sold separately.

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