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LK Electric Chain Hoist Earns HMI-Certified License

SPRINGFIELD, OH (October 13, 2015) R&M Materials Handling, Inc. is pleased to announce that the LK Electric Chain Hoist has been awarded the HMI-Certified License. It is also significant to note that R&M is the only manufacturer to have earned two (2) HMICertified Licenses; one for the LK electric chain hoist and one for the Spacemaster SX® in 2014. In fact, the Spacemaster SX is the first and currently only wire rope hoist platform to earn such a certification. The LK hoist has capacities ranging from 1/8 - 2 ton (125kg – 2000kg). The patented load wheel with five intermediate teeth delivers less chain wear and allows the LK to operate smoothly and quietly. All R&M hoists are statically and dynamically tested with a minimum of 125% rated load.


“This is a significant achievement and milestone for R&M and our LK electric chain hoist platform. The priorities in the development of the LK platform were safety, reliability and performance. Now having earned the HMI-Certified License, it is clear that we have met those goals. Having the LK platform recognized as HMI-Certified will create additional awareness and confidence in the quality and safety that it delivers to our distributors and end-users alike,” comments Jim Vandegrift, President of R&M Materials Handling, Inc.


HMI-CertifiedSM is a registered asset of the Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI). The purpose of the HMI-Certified License program is to instill buyer and user confidence in the product by assuring it meets one or more recognized industry standards and the licensee is committed to safety, service and after market support. The product is also verified, signed and sealed that it meets the requirements of said Standards(s) by a qualified US registered Professional Engineer.




Since 1929 R&M has been a leader in the overhead material handling industry. R&M’s manual chain, electric chain and wire rope hoist platforms, along with modular crane packages are distributed by a wide and diverse network of independently owned and operated businesses. This wide network includes crane builders, crane and hoist service companies, industrial distributors, entertainment representatives and other material handling and hoist equipment manufacturers and distributors. Headquartered in Springfield, Ohio, R&M's distribution network extends from Canada to Chile.


For more information, contact R&M Materials Handling Inc., 4501 Gateway Boulevard, Springfield, OH, 45502. You may also visit www.rmhoist.com or call 1-800-955-9967.

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