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Parts - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I search for a Plug Kit?

Download and use our Plug Kit Search Tool: Plug Kit Search Tool Version 2_1_2.exe

How can I find a tracking number?

-Use our web portal at www.rmhoist.com located here: Web Portal

          Or Go to “Distributors” navigation tab and click on the web portal navigation.

          Login to webportal 

          Use “Order Tracker”

How do I sign up for the webportal?
-Contact the portal administrator - rhonda.sloan@rmhoist.com

Where is the serial number located on a discontinued hoist?
-The serial number is stamped in the frame, by the rope drum at the gear case end

Where can I find a lubrication schedule for the discontinued product?
- Go to the Support Navigation tab

- Click on the Technical Support FAQ Navigation tab

- Click on "What type of lubrication is used in the hoist gear cases of discontinued wire rope hoists?" downloads link. 

Where can I find a manual for the discontinued product line?
-The manuals for the discontinued product line are located under the “Parts” navigation link of our web site labeled as “Archived Spare Parts Manuals”.

Does R&M have a minimum order amount?

What is the $15 handling charge?
-For a variety of reasons, R&M has elected to cover our cost of operations, warehousing and logistics by means of a “handling fee” instead of imposing a minimum order amount.  We understand that single, relatively-inexpensive parts are often all that are needed and R&M does not feel that imposing a minimum order amount on these small transactions is the best way to cover our costs.  Additionally, a mandatory minimum order amount could easily create a situation in which the end user is forced to pay much more than they normally should.  In short, our “handling fee” is in place simply to cover the costs of our transactions while minimizing the inconvenience for our distributors and their customers.