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End Trucks & Bridge Drives

Product Overview

R&M's end trucks are available for CMAA Class C & D duty and are equipped with rail sweeps and bumpers; wheels feature antifriction bearings. Drives are fully enclosed to reduce noise and ensure a long and reliable operating life.

R&M's GEK and GES bridge drives achieve smooth acceleration and braking by utilizing a variable frequency drive as standard. Fully enclosed gear units are specially designed for crane applications to ensure many years of trouble-free operation.


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About End Trucks & Bridge Drives

END TRUCKS - RTN & RSN (Top Running Bridge Crane) MODELS

  • Heavy duty box construction
  • All wheels double flanged
  • Rotating axle drive wheel (optional on idler wheel)
  • Standard wheels are flat tread ductile iron (approx. 280 BHN)
  • Equipped with rail sweeps and bumpers
  • Mates with GES Bridge Drives
  • Bolted structural connection plates
  • Single girder, double girder and bogie trucks available.


END TRUCKS - RU & RH (Under Running Bridge Crane) MODEL

  • Individual trucks adjustable for various flange widths
  • Constructed of structural steel
  • Ductile iron, single flange crown tread wheels (approx. 280 BHN)
  • Easy access to wheels for maintenance
  • Permanently lubricated antifriction bearings
  • Equipped with bumpers and drop lugs
  • Patented track wheel option
  • Mates with GEK Bridge Drives



  • Modular design includes gearbox, motor and brake for ease of maintenance.
  • Totally enclosed, Class F, 30-minute inverter duty or two-speed motors.
  • Motor brakes with asbestos-free friction material.
  • Brakes are normally closed -if power fails, brakes will stop further travel.
  • Antifriction bearings supporting all internal bearings in gear box.
  • Output shaft utilizes external spline connections.