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Low Headroom Hoists

Product Overview

The Low Headroom LK is the ideal solution to meet your toughest clearance requirements for special applications. Using special trolley frame with upper sheave and offset hoist machinery, lifting heights can be optimized. Allows for maximum hook height in tight clearance applications.

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About Low Headroom Hoists


  • Load capacities from 1/4 to 1 Ton
  • Trolley brake and bumper are standard with motorized trolley
  • Hoist body is constructed of pressure-cast aluminum for light-weight and easy handling
  • Epoxy paint for corrosion resistance and ribbed for better heat dissipation
  • All models are equipped with a torque-limiting device for hoist overload protection
  • Upper and lower limit switches
  • The friction-type torque limiter is integrated with the brake to insure that the load is always stopped when the control button is released
  • Hoist motor thermal protection
  • Chain container
  • Plug-in push button pendant with E-stop for quick replacement


  • Motorized trolley motor thermal protection
  • Upper and lower geared limit switch
  • Stainless steel chain hook and block
  • Outdoor weather protection options
  • Radio remote control
  • Hour counter