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SXL Heavy Lifting Equipment

Product Overview

  • 10- 250 ton capacities
  • CMAA/ASME or FEM/ISO duty ratings
  • CSA certification
  • Compact double girder trolley with double reeving for true vertical lift
  • Dual trolley drives
  • All motors with thermal protection and D.C.disk brake
  • HoistMonitor® featuring overload protection and condition monitoring
  • Rope overwrap protection
  • Rotary limit switch and block operated upper limit switches
  • Long height of lifts and fast hoist speeds available
  • Inverter control for all motions
  • Hoist inverter with closed loop vector control
  • Trolley travel limit switch

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About SXL Heavy Lifting Equipment

Hoist Motor with D.C. Disk Brake

  • Inverter-duty with 600 ppr encoder
  • Class H insulation with Class F temp. rise
  • Motor thermal protection - Bi-metal switch
  • IP55 protection
  • Fan or blower cooled CSA label on motor nameplate

Hoist Motor with D.C. Disk Brake

D.C. Disk Brake

  • Minimum 200% braking torque
  • Brake opening supervision
  • IP66 coil protection

D.C. Disk Brake


Hoist Reducer

Three step helical gearing operation in oil bath with combination of deep grooved ball, special roller and cylindrical roller bearings. Machined steel gearing, carburized and ground tolerance.


Geared Coupling

The hoist gearbox is connected to the drum by a flexible two-stage geared coupling. The coupling type allows dynamic bending and movement of the drum, without the common fatigue failures.


Rope Drum

  • Rope overwrap protection
  • Right hand and left hand grooving for true vertical lift
  • Exceptional rope diameter to drum diameter ratio
  • Rugged coupling to connect drum to gear reducer
  • Drum flanges on both ends of rope drum extend past the wire ropes
  • Idler drum end: supported on self-aligning spherical bearing

Rope Drum

Safe Operating

  • Trolley travel limit switch


Hoist Trolley VFD Control

  • Closed loop vector control
    • STD Closed loop vector control
  • Micro-speed option
  • Inching option
  • Extended speed range option
    • Faster hoisting speeds at lighter loads
    • Faster through put at lighter loads
    • Potential to eliminate need for auxiliary hoist

Trolley Inverter - Open Loop

Hoist Trolley VFD Contro


Inverter Based Intelligent Features Option

  • Inching control
  • Micro-speed control
  • Load floating
  • Shock load prevention
  • Anti-sway
    • Sway control option (for trolley and bridge)
  • Hoisting synchronization
  • Extended speed range (ESR)


New HoistWatch offered by R&M 

The HoistWatch is a condition monitoring unit that records key operational functions of the Spacemaster® SX wire rope hoist. 

The HoistWatch is a standard feature for Spacemaster® SX2, SX3, SX4 and SX5 single hoist with a P5 motor or smaller.

Key Condition Monitoring Parameters:

  • Number of starts (hoisting and lowering)
  • Running time (hoisting and lowering)
  • Hoist brake wear supervision (number of  braking operations)
    - Warning given when preprogrammed # of operations is exceeded (adjustable)
  • Control counter (number of directional contactor operations)
     -Warning given when preprogrammed # of operation is exceeded (adjustable)
  • Power on time (# of hours HoistWatch has been energized)
  • Number of overloads lifted

For more information on the HoistWatch, please refer to the June 2016 Spacemaster® SX Wire Rope Hoist Technical Guide.



  • Overload supervision
  • Sudden load increase supervision
  • SWP (safe working period) hour counter
  • Motor function monitoring
  • Supply voltage phase supervision




  • Ambient temperature range: 41°F to 105° [5° to 40°C]
  • Altitude up to 3300 ft [100m] above sea level
  • Relative humidity <90%
  • Normal dust conditions


Crane Components Package Features:

Bridge drives, end trucks, bridge controls, electrification package, two-step travel limit switch, wide range of crane additional features, Moveable pushbutton pendant or radio control with backup pendant. Service platform optional.

Crane Components Package Photo