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Spacemaster SXL Heavy Lifting Equipment

Recommended Industries: Metal Production, Automotive, General Manufacturing, Paper and Forest, Mining and more

Spacemaster SX Wire Rope Hoists Product Presentation

The Spacemaster® SX represents an innovative design that includes a large drum diameter giving Spacemaster® SX hoists the lowest headroom and best wheel loads in the industry while providing near true vertical lift with single reeved hoists, and both exceptional hook approaches and heights of lift.

LK Electric Chain Hoist Product Presentation

• All R&M hoists are statically and dynamically tested with a minimum of 125% rated load prior to shipping • ASME HST-1 • ASME B30.16 • EC Declaration of Conformity • CSA approval (60 Hz, 115 VAC models only) • RoHS Compliant • Plug-in push button pendant with E-stop & built in mainline contactor are standard • Integral hoist control panel and push button enclosures both meet NEMA type 3R (IP55) protection classification

EZ-Lift Manual Chain PRoduct Presentation

The ideal manual chain products for construction, maintenance, service and much more.

Reading Crane and Engineering Company

Reading Crane and Engineering Co. installed a 200-ton crane, equipped with 2 R&M SXL 100-ton hoists, into a Rhoads Industries heavy manufacturing facility. The building is used for large steel fabrication and for assembly of large components...

Read more here: http://rmhoist.com/files/public/news/ReadingCaseStudy.pdf

PDS Installation at EME Powering Engineered Solutions

PDS Crane Service was started in 1977 as a spin-off of Pittsburgh Design Services, Inc. The company was created to provide installation, repair and inspection services for the overhead cranes and material handling equipment manufactured by Pittsburgh Design Services as well as outside customers. The company has grown to now have over 400 active customers. http://www.pdscrane.com/

R&M Materials Handling, Inc. 2016

R&M Materials Handling has over 85 years of experience in the overhead manual, electric chain hoists and wire rope hoists industry. Our hoist products and services are distributed by a wide and diverse network of independently owned and operated businesses. This wide network includes crane and hoist builders, crane and hoist service companies, industrial distributors and other material handling and hoist equipment manufacturers and distributors. Headquartered in Springfield, Ohio, (USA), R&M's distribution network extends from Canada to Chile. Our modern and strategically located assembly / logistics / hoist training center enables us to provide timely and accurate deliveries throughout our markets.

2015 Master Distributor Awards Winners

Congratulations to the 2015 R&M Materials Handling, Inc. Master Distributor Awards Winners.

LK Electric Chain Hoist Earns HMI-Certified License

Stagemaker Concert Hoists / LDI2016

Stop by #Stagemaker Booth 2531 for a demo of our SR line concert hoist with exclusive non-contact magnetic hoist positioning system, 5 pocket load wheel, Chainflux design with rear ejection chain guide system, retractable, rubber clad hand-grips & rubber corner buffers. 1/4, 1/2, 1 & 2 ton capacity.

LK Electric Chain Hoists

All R&M LK Electric Chain Hoists are statically and dynamically tested with a minimum of 125% rated load prior to shipping


ASME B30.16

EC Declaration of Conformity

CSA approval (60 Hz, 115 VAC models only)

RoHS Compliant

Plug-in push button pendant with E-stop & built in mainline contactor are standard

Integral hoist control panel and push button enclosures bothmeet

NEMA type 3R (IP55) protection classification

Ready Set Lift

R&M is the solution for your overhead materials handling projects from small factories to major industrial businesses.

Single Girder, Double Girder, Box Girder, Top Running, Underhung, Monorail, Modifications, Electric Chain Hoists, Manual Chain Products, Concert Hoists, and Crane Components.

R&M is recognized for our Engineering Expertise & Customization: Pre-engineered, complete modular crane packages featuring the Spacemaster SX and LK Hoists. Additional and optional features can be customized to fit the needs of individual customers.

R&M's Hook Latch Triger

R&M is pleased to announce the Hook Latch Trigger (patent pending), an innovative idea that improves efficiency, operator safety and ergonomics. A magnet on the back of the latch attaches to the hook forging and allows the latch to remain open. The operator can then use both hands to insert/remove hook attachments. This act triggers the latch free from the hook forging and causes the latch to close automatically.

SXL Heavy Lifting Hoist

ControlMaster anti-sway product demonstration


HoistMonitor Provides: number of starts, operating hours, load cycles, average load, number of overloads, remaining hoist brake life, safe working period (SWP), overload protection, sudden load supervision, total run time , load summing, and many more features. Visit our web site at www.rmhoist.com for more product information.

Stagemaker SR Concert Hoists

Rubber buffers located on hoist corners provide added protection for the hoist. New ergonomic concept for the retractable, rubber clad handgrips, allow for easy transportation of the hoist, The lifting hook has an ergonomic, rubber clad, gripping surface. For more details please visit our website at www.stagemaker.com

Stagemaker SR Series Concert Hoists

Stagemaker Slack Fall Stops Micro Switch Positioning System

Stagemaker SR series hoists product demonstration of the body up, slack fall stops / micro switch positioning system for permanent installations.

Stagemaker Concert Hoists

ControlMaster Anti-sway Control by R&M Materials Handling, Inc.

ControlMaster™ Anti-sway System is an option for the QX modular crane package. When added to a crane, the ControlMaster Anti-sway System allows the operator to move a load from one place to another without creating load sway, no matter how high it is lifted. The operator is free to focus solely on the load and surrounding area, creating a load movement process that is both fast and safe. The ControlMaster™ Anti-sway System automatically adjusts the crane traveling movements by using a mathematical calculation to estimate load swing. The calculation is based on the distance between the center of the rope drum and the load (pendulum length). The system maintains, accelerates, decelerates or reverses the travel speeds/directions to keep the hoist directly over top of the load.

Bohl Crane Inc.

Bohl Crane offers everything you need for your Industrial Overhead Cranes: Bridge, Gantry and Jib Cranes, Molten Metal and Marine Solutions. Our in house engineering department can custom design your crane, lifting device, forklift attachment or help to automate your manufacturing process. We also offer a large selection of below hook items and accessories: anti-collision, remote controls, lifters, slings and balancers to name a few. www.bohlco.com

Cincinnati Crane and Hoist

At Cincinnati Crane & Hoist we pride ourselves on having highly trained Sales Engineers that transition to project management and work with you throughout the entire project. This feature allows us to provide the customer with "turn key project delivery". All of our sales engineers have the technical expertise to answer most questions that occur during your crane system construction, installation, and commissioning. Cincinnati Crane offers complete turn key crane systems, engineered overhead cranes, jib cranes, and complete crane runway systems. We also offer a full line of crane parts, below the hook attachments, manual products, OSHA Required Periodic & Annual Inspections, load testing, preventative maintenance programs, breakdown troubleshooting and repairs, and operator training.


Crane-Tec has the capabilities to furnish, install and service complete overhead crane, monorail and hoisting systems; including jibs and runway systems.

Crane-Tec is a team of highly motivated individuals dedicated to the sales and management of overhead crane systems.

Our mission is to put the customer first, determine the customer's needs, and meet these needs in an ethical, professional and cost-effective manner.

Hoosier Crane Service Crane Assembly & Installation

Hoosier Crane Service Company is your source for new bridge cranes, overhead crane kits, electric chain hoists & wire rope hoists, parts and accessories. When you need your next crane, hoist or jib crane:

Please call us at (800) 509-6131 or visit www.hoosiercrane.com for more product information.

Shannahan Crane & Hoist, Inc.

Shannahan Crane & Hoist is the leading designer, manufacturer, distributor, and service center for Overhead Material Handling Equipment. Products include Single and Double Girder Overhead Cranes, Jib Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Electric Chain and Wire Rope Hoists, etc. Shannahan Crane and Hoist's Inspection and Preventive Maintenance Program is designed to keep your equipment in optimum running conditions, reducing downtime and adding life to the equipment. It will, in turn, save you money in repair and maintenance costs. The Repair Program puts at your service the extensive experience, knowledge and capabilities of our maintenance staff, equipment, parts accessibility and facilities to service any manufacturer's crane and hoist. Our maintenance staff is on call 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. Our objective is a maximum of two hours response to any repair emergency. For major repairs which cannot be done effectively or efficiently on your premises, your equipment may be sent directly to our repair facility for quick turnaround.

Wolverine Crane and Service, Inc.

Wolverine's experienced team of experts provides a one-stop shop for specialized cranes & hoists. A process evaluation assesses your needs and designs a cost effective crane system to fit your application. Whether you need electric chain hoists, a pre-engineered crane kit, or a specialized material handling system, we are uniquely qualified to recommend, engineer, build, install and service the right solution for industrial hoisting processes and applications.

QX Modular Crane Package with NRGmaster Electrification System

R&M Materials Handling, Inc. QX Modular Crane Package with NRGmaster Electrification System - Decrease maintenance pitfalls associated with traditional C-track festoons, neat and clean appearance, radio and back up pendant are standard. Easier to assemble and transport saving you time and money.