General manufacturing

R&M has the customized lifting equipment your manufacturing operations need to keep your lines running at their best. R&M is there to help you rise above!
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Learn how R&M can help your automotive manufacturing lines keep production on track, safely and efficiently. We'll help you lift your production to the next level.
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Metal production and fabrication

R&M can equip your metal production and fabrication facility with tools to improve the safety, speed and productivity of operations across your plant.
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R&M equipment is built to withstand the harsh conditions of mining operations. Our heavy lifting crane packages can make your operations safer and more efficient.
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Petroleum and Gas

R&M designs & builds durable crane packages that keep petrochemical plants & refineries running, so that they can keep the world moving. Learn how we can help!
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Power Plants

R&M provides power plants with crane equipment needed to move fuel and supplies and keep power flowing. R&M can improve the operations of your power plants today!
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R&M products mean achieving maximum value and efficiency. Our NRGmaster crane is perfect for your textile facility. Learn how R&M's innovative features can help you make...
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Stagemaker® motors and accessories meet today’s demanding market requirement and lead the way to the future

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