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Crane Components

End Trucks & Bridge Drives

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R&M's end trucks are available for CMAA Class C & D duty and are equipped with rail sweeps and bumpers; wheels feature antifriction bearings. Drives are fully enclosed to reduce noise and ensure a long and reliable operating life.

R&M's GEK and GES bridge drives achieve smooth acceleration and braking by utilizing a variable frequency drive as standard. Fully enclosed gear units are specially designed for crane applications to ensure many years of trouble-free operation.


Radio Controls

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The RaCon® III handheld remote control is designed to be used in conjunction with the Spacemaster® SX wire rope hoists and the QX modular crane packages. The new ergonomic design offers operators one-hand usability through the integration of a joystick element. This allows operators a more comfortable grip, to better control the load, and smoother movement of the goods.

Crane Operation Made Easy and Safe  

  • Allows full concentration on crane operation, the operator does not have to follow the moving crane with an attached pendant control
  • Crane operator can control the crane from the safest location, no restriction of a fixed-length pendant cable
  • The transmitter's responsive two-step push buttons allow for easy and precise crane control

Variable Speed Controls

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R&M's ControlMaster™ variable frequency drive series offers more versatility, better performance and prolonged equipment life than industry-standard contactor motor controls.

That's why R&M, the industry leader in innovation, uses variable frequency drives as standard for trolley and bridge controls and offers as an option the most comprehensive offering of variable frequency drives for hoisting controls.


Flexibility in speed selection and slower speeds offer precise load positioning and reduced load swing.

  • Infinitely variable (stepless - EP) or multi-step (defined speeds - MS) speed control
  • Wider range of selectable speed range - very slow speeds can be achieved

Hoist Monitors

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New HoistWatch offered by R&M 

The HoistWatch is a condition monitoring unit that records key operational functions of the Spacemaster® SX wire rope hoist. 

The HoistWatch is a standard feature for Spacemaster® SX2, SX3, SX4 and SX5 single hoist with a P5 motor or smaller.

Key Condition Monitoring Parameters:

  • Number of starts (hoisting and lowering)
  • Running time (hoisting and lowering)
  • Hoist brake wear supervision (number of  braking operations)

 - Warning given when preprogrammed # of operations is exceeded (adjustable)

  • Control counter (number of directional contactor operations)

- Warning given when preprogrammed # of operation is exceeded (adjustable)

  • Power on time (# of hours HoistWatch has been energized)
  • Number of overloads lifted

For more information on the HoistWatch, please refer to the June 2016 Spacemaster® SX Wire Rope Hoist Technical Guide.