End Trucks & Bridge Drives

crane bridge drive
R&M's end trucks and bridge drives are designed with durability and efficiency in mind. Our bridge drives feature inverter controls to optimize brake life and splined output shafts for improved connection and durability. All our end trucks and bridge drives are designed for CMAA and/or FEM duty cycles.

About End Trucks

End trucks carry the hoist and crane up and down the crane runway. R&M end trucks and bridge drives are available in a variety of top and underrunning configurations that are custom-designed to fit your crane's application. 


RTN & RSN Top Running End Trucks

  • Mates with GES Bridge Drives
  • Heavy-duty tube or box construction
  • Double flanged wheels
  • Rotating axle drive wheel
  • Standard wheels are flat tread ductile iron (approx. 280 BHN)
  • Standard rail sweeps and bumpers
  • Bolted structural connection plates
  • Single girder, double girder and bogie trucks available


RU & RH Underrunning End Trucks

  • Mates with GEK Bridge Drives
  • Individual trucks adjustable for various flange widths
  • Constructed of structural steel
  • Patented track wheel option
  • Ductile iron, single flange crown tread wheels (approx. 280 BHN)
  • Easy access to wheels for maintenance
  • Permanently lubricated anti-friction bearings
  • Equipped with bumpers and drop lugs


About Bridge Drives

Bridge drives control the motion of the end trucks along the crane’s runway. R&M's GES (top running) and GEK (underrunning) bridge drives achieve smooth acceleration and braking by using a variable frequency drive (VFD), which comes standard. Brake life is optimized as the inverter controls the speed of the motor to a stop before the brake sets. Motor and gear pairs are specially designed in-house for crane applications to ensure maximum efficiency and many years of trouble-free operation.


Our GEK & GES Bridge Drives Features:

  • Modular design includes gearbox, motor and brake for ease of maintenance
  • Totally enclosed, Class F, 30-minute inverter duty or two-speed motors
  • Motor brakes with asbestos-free friction material
  • Brakes are normally closed – if power fails, brakes will stop further travel
  • Anti-friction bearings support all internal bearings in the gearbox, extending bearing life
  • Output shaft utilizes external spline connections for increased durability


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