Everest Textiles | NRGMaster Crane

Facing the issue of limited clearance, Everest Textiles turned to R&M Materials Handling for an NRGmaster crane. See how the NRGMaster can help you optimize your space!
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Overhead Lifting Information (OLI) App

See your hoist’s real-time usage and condition reports with OLI, the app that allows you to easily read HoistMonitor® data from the floor.
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New York Blower | Load-turning

Load-turning cranes are designed for situations where heavy loads need to be rotated and flipped. Each crane incorporates two hoists to distribute the weight and make...
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The Right Fit For You

No matter what you manufacture, the reliable lifting equipment you need can be found at R&M Materials Handling. From light- to heavy-duty performance, we harness new technology to help you improve the safety and efficiency of your operations. Centrally located with a distribution network that reaches North America, Central America and South America, we take pride in providing accurate and timely delivery. Learn how R&M equipment can keep your operations running smoothly.


General Manufacturing

Manufacturing has experienced sustained growth over the last few years, and like any growing industry, it faces challenges. Keeping the line flowing means precise timing, with all parts working at capacity. Any interruption can affect productivity and profitability. The right lifting equipment can help you keep your line running and minimize costly downtime.


Expertise and Innovation

At R&M, we leverage our 90+ years of experience combined with dedication to innovation to help your operations run smoothly while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your hoists and cranes.

  • Component Design
  • IoT/OLI/Predictive Maintenance
  • Modular Crane Packages
  • Local Crane Builders and Service Networks


Why Choose R&M Materials Handling?

The relationship between cost drivers and the key pillars of TCO often influences your direct and indirect lifetime costs. Our safety standards, dependability and preventive/predictive maintenance work together to increase production time, reduce unplanned downtime and prevent breakdowns that cause costly delays.

At R&M, our goal is to help you keep your line running as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We offer a set of products and features that can be customized to your specific needs without time constraints and the cost of one-off engineering.

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R&M's Spacemaster SX wire rope hoist features a large drum diameter that creates near true vertical lift, and its frame design allows closer end approaches than other...
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The LK electric chain hoist is leading the industry with its sleek yet rugged design, quiet operation, and easy to service layout.
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RMII Manual Chain Hoist

RMII manual chain hoists combine superior durability with industry-leading safety features. Learn more about R&M's manual chain hoist!
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RaCon® Radio Controllers

The RaCon® handheld radio controllers give operators one-hand usability and improved safety during operation.
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