SXL Heavy Lifting Winch

R&M’s SXL is an open winch electric overhead hoist, designed for demanding, heavy duty applications, across a wide range of industries.

SXL Heavy Lifting Winches

Heavy duty lifting requires heavy duty solutions. When you need a rugged hoist with high capacities and long lifts, the SXL open winch wire rope hoist is there to meet the most rigorous lifting demands. Standard features include:

  • 10- 250 ton capacities
  • CMAA/ASME or FEM/ISO duty ratings and CSA certification
  • Compact double girder trolley with double reeving for true vertical lifts
  • Dual trolley drives for powerful travel motion
  • Motors with thermal protection and D.C. disk brake
  • HoistMonitor® featuring overload protection and condition monitoring
  • Rope overwrap protection
  • Inverter control for all motions with closed loop vector control for hoisting


Designed for You

The SXL open winch hoist is tailored to meet your specific requirements. The modular design of the hoists and trolleys allow a wide variety of application-specific designs, withi all the functionality of a custom built-up hoist. Choose from an abundance of special features, such as: outdoor protection and special temperature ranges, specialty hooks and provisions for below the hook devices, precision load and sway controls, maintenance platforms, extra-long lifts, and extra durable hardened hoist drum and sheaves.


Why choose the SXL?

The SXL open winch wire rope hoist is designed for strength and reliability, and engineered in-house specifically for heavy lifting applications. With operations this critical, nothing is more important than safety, reliability, and precision.


All SXL open winch wire rope hoists come equipped with the HoistMonitor® load monitoring system to control overloads and provide vital safety and performance data about the equipment. SXL hoists alss include key safety features such as rope overwrap protection as standard. Additional features such as micro speeds and inching give to operator precise control of the load and increasing safety.


The SXL's rugged design starts at its core. All SXL winches are equipped with D.C. disk brakes for all motions, Class H insulation on the motors, and three-step helical gearing. This machinery is designed specifically for hoisting operations, meaning you are getting the most out of your equipment. The SXL open winch hoist's unique rope drum design features a glexible two-stage geared coupling for dynamic bending and movement of the drum, reducing fatigue on the coupling.


SXL open wich hoists come standard with closed-loop vector controls, providing the most precise lifting experience available. Specialty controls are also able to help you to maximize effectiveness of the equipment in your operations, including: load floating, anti-sway controls, hoisting synchronization, and extended speed ranges. Our controls packages are customizable to suit a wide variety of special applications.


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