ControlMaster® Anti-Sway Crane

anti sway crane
By estimating and calculating load swing, the ControlMaster Anti-Sway system automatically adjusts the crane traveling motions to completely remove load swing for any load. With this system, your operator is free to solely focus on moving the load from point A to B.


Standard Features  

  • Spacemaster® SX wire rope hoist
  • QX® modular crane package components
  • RaCon® radio controller
  • HoistMonitor® condition monitoring unit
  • ControlMaster inverter controls for trolley and bridge traveling motions
  • ControlMaster Anti-Sway control module
  • On-site calibration of the controls by R&M factory representative


Why Choose the ControlMaster Anti-Sway System?

You put a lot of time, resources and passion into what you produce - it is important to protect that investment and more importantly, your employees. Whether your loads are five tons or 50, ControlMaster Anti-Sway system's seamless, automated movement prevents swinging, improves safety and increases productivity.



Because the ControlMaster Anti-Sway system works on any load, it is ideal for a wide range of applications. The technology is especially suitable for large, fragile or expensive loads, or items with a lot of drag.


Easy to Operate

Even the most experienced operator is slowed by waiting for load swing to taper off. An anti-sway system creates a load movement process that is both fast and safe, allowing your operator to focus solely on the load and its final destination.


Reliable Technology

The ControlMaster Anti-Sway system automatically adjusts the crane traveling motions by using a mathematical calculation to estimate load swing. The calculation is based on the distance between the center of the rope drum and the load (pendulum length). The system maintains, accelerates, decelerates or reverses the travel speeds/directions to keep the hoist directly over top of the load.


Build Your Crane

The ControlMaster Anti-Sway system is available as part of the QX® modular crane package. Each package provides a complete crane system configured to fit your unique application. Use our Crane Designer tool to choose the cutting-edge technology that will help you rise above your competition.