ControlMaster™Anti-Sway Crane

Automated anti-sway crane controls improve safety and increase productivity.

About ControlMaster Anti-Sway Cranes

You put a lot of time, resources, and passion into what you produce - it is important to protect that investment! The ControlMaster Anti-Sway System's seemless movement is perfect for controlling your most delicate and important lifts. 

The ControlMaster Anti-Sway System is an option for the QX® modular crane package. When added to a crane, the ControlMaster Anti-sway System allows the operator to move a load from one place to another without creating load sway, without the operator manually adjusting the travelling movements. The operator is free to focus solely on the load and surrounding area, creating a load movement process that is both fast and safe. The ControlMaster Anti-sway System automatically adjusts the crane traveling motions by using a mathematical calculation to estimate load swing. The calculation is based on the distance between the center of the rope drum and the load (pendulum length). The system maintains, accelerates, decelerates or reverses the travel speeds/directions to keep the hoist directly over top of the load.


Standard Features  

  • Spacemaster® SX wire rope hoist
  • QX modular crane package components
  • Racon radio controller
  • HoistMonitor or HoistWatch condition monitoring unit
  • ControlMaster inverter controls for trolley and bridge travelling motions
  • ControlMaster Anti-Sway control module
  • On-site callibration of the controls by R&M factory representative



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R&M's ControlMaster™ Anti-Sway Control System

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R&M Materials Handling, Inc. 2016 Company Video

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