Hoist Monitoring

Hoist monitoring with R&M HoistMonitor® or HoistWatch devices provides real-time data on the condition of your hoist, while protecting from overloads.

About Hoist Monitoring

Hoist monitoring protects your equipment from overloads while providing you with accurate real-time information about how your equipment is being used. We have used our nearly 90 years of experience in the hoist and crane business to also build in helpful service warnings to help you plan your routine maintenance. Monitoring functions do not interfere with the use of your hoist; however, in the case of an overload or sudden loading change, loads are able to be safely lowered to the ground. R&M offers two devices for hoist monitoring - the original HoistMonitor and the new HoistWatch



The HoistWatch is our newest addition to hoist monitoring. HoistWatch includes many of the great safety and performance features of the HoistMonitor, but with a simpler, easier interface. The HoistWatch is standard on Spacemaster® SX2, SX3, SX4, and SX5 hoist models

Standard Functions

  • Overload protection for single hoists
  • Supervision of faults and run time information
  • Service warning for brake wear
  • Additional relay for optional llight or horn alarms




The HoistMonitor is our original hoist monitoring unit. It also includes our most robust offering of data and features. The HoistMonitor is available for any Spacemaster SX wire rope hoist, but it is standard on all SX6 and SX7 hoist models.

Standard Functions

  • Overload protection
  • Supervision of faults and run time information
  • Sudden loading supervision
  • Starting & stoping through slow speed for brake protection
  • Safe working period calculation
  • Proactive service warning calculations


Additional Capabilities*

  • Load summation for multiple hoists on a crane with multi-hoist crane overload protection
  • Scoreboard or controller load display outputs
  • Overload indicator outputs for lights and horns
  • Slack rope rope supervision to avoid shock loading


*May require additional features or R&M equipment


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