Digichain® Ergonomic Controls

digichain control
Digichain® ergonomic controls are designed for one-handed operation, allowing LK electric chain hoists to be used as an extension of the operator's arm.

Ergonomic Controls for Industry-Leading Comfort

Your employees are your best asset - help them to work in comfort! Digichain® ergonomic controls improve throughput while increasing employee comfort. These ergonomic controls are designed with a unique controller integrated into the LK electric chain hoist's bottom hook block, allowing operators to use the hoist as if operating the equipment with their own hands.

Standard Features

  • Available on LK02 and LK05 model hoists
  • 1/8 - 1/2 ton (125 - 500 kg) capacities
  • Single-fall only
  • Standard E-stop button
  • NEMA type 3R (IP-55) protection rating


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