New York Blower | Load-turning

Load-turning cranes are designed for situations where heavy loads need to be rotated and flipped. Each crane incorporates two hoists to distribute the weight and make...
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Northrop Grumman | 200 Ton Crane

Needing a large, 200 ton crane for heavy aerospace manufacturing, assembly and steel fabrication, Reading Crane and Engineering Co. turned to R&M for two SXL 100 ton...
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Wolverine | Magnet Crane

This Class D application called for fast speeds, closed-loop controls and precision-engineered components. Our R&M hoists were up to the challenge.
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Forging the Future of Metals Production

Safety and speed are not mutually exclusive. At R&M, our experience with the metal production and fabrication industry gives us the knowledge to help you improve productivity and safety in every process your facility undertakes, from unloading scrap to storing your finished products. Learn how R&M's advanced lifting equipment, trained experts and cutting-edge technology can take your metal production to the next level.

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Spacemaster® SX Wire Rope Hoist

R&M's Spacemaster SX wire rope hoist features a large drum diameter that creates near true vertical lift, and its frame design allows closer end approaches than other...
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SXL Heavy Lifting Winch

R&M’s SXL is an open winch electric overhead hoist, designed for demanding, heavy-duty applications, across a wide range of industries. Learn more now!
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ControlMaster® Inverter Controls

ControlMaster inverter controls offer more versatility, better performance and prolonged motor and brake life than industry-standard contactor controls.
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Overhead Lifting Information (OLI) App

See your hoist’s real-time usage and condition reports with OLI, the app that allows you to easily read HoistMonitor® data from the floor.
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