Crane Radio Controllers

Date: 9/27/2022

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R&M’s RaCon ARC Radio Remote Control for Crane Operators

Easy and Functional Crane Operation

R&M’s new RaCon® ARC radio remote control system allows operators to control the crane remotely – without a physical connection to the equipment, via a pendant cable. R&M’s new transmitter provides an ergonomic layout, lightweight design and efficient functionality with batteries that can be easily sourced and replaced when needed – all at a budget-friendly price.



R&M’s new radio remote control system’s design and characteristics set it apart from other units in three distinct ways:


  1. Transmitter Functionality & Configuration
  • The transmitter uses a radio link to communicate with the receiving unit. To prevent safety risks caused by interference from other radio equipment, R&M uses coded messages through a unique address.


  • The usual standard when programming a replacement transmitter involves taking out an EEPROM chip and placing it in the new transmitter. Now, R&M’s transmitter can pair with the receiver through a streamlined app (iOS or Android).


  • Pushbutton inserts located on the transmitter allow the user to provide intuitive commands from a distance. A General Safe Stop function (GSS) and an Emergency Stop function (EMS) bring the hoist and/or crane to a safe and complete stop when potentially hazardous situations arise. As an added safety feature, a unique start-up sequence ensures protected control.


  1. Price-Performance Ratio
  • R&M’s new radio remote control system offers an economical price-performance ratio (how much the product costs vs. the performance provided). This way, you get all the features you need, without extra bulk or cost associated with premium options. \


  • High-value features include:
    • Spare transmitter included on every radio package
    • An integrated wiring diagram of the radio remote control system to the hoist or crane
    • A pigtail and plug with the receiver for easy “plug and play” installation
    • Receiver mounting hardware
    • Protective transmitter pouch with shoulder strap


  1. Battery Life
  • R&M’s new Racon ARC transmitter only requires 3 AAA batteries that provide over 100 hours of operational time, giving end users an easy-to-source option for batteries to keep them up and running. R&M’s previous transmitters used a rechargeable battery, so when the battery was out of charge, there was potential for downtime. A lithium-ion battery is an available option for the RaCon ARC.


Are you interested in learning more about R&M’s new RaCon ARC radio remote control system for your hoist or crane? Contact us online or give us a call today to speak with an expert.