Overhead Lifting Information (OLI)

Date: 04/15/2020

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OLI, or Overhead Lifting Information, is a wireless-enabled app that works with R&M’s HoistMonitor® to format and display raw data on the condition and usage of your hoist. Achieve the highest standard of productivity and safety with instant connection to the statistics that give you a competitive edge.


Rise Above Standard Crane Monitoring: How is OLI different?

The purpose of every equipment monitoring system is to keep equipment functioning properly. Crane operators, technicians and floor managers can use these systems every day to improve the safety and productivity of their work environments. However, raw data is often hard to access and even more difficult to understand. Hoist data is only useful when it is applicable to operations and accessible without interrupting workflow.

OLI is a crane monitoring system designed with the user in mind, providing readily accessible, real-time metrics on a smart phone or mobile device without interrupting production or shutting down the hoist. Gone are the days of locking out the crane to access your hoist data. OLI provides all the metrics necessary to ensure maximum productivity, understand loading patterns and track equipment lifespan. Operators can even personalize how data is formatted and presented to best fit their industry or application.


Modern Metrics for Crane Success: What does OLI measure?

The OLI app allows each user instant access to their hoist’s condition and usage metrics through a wireless key that plugs directly into the HoistMonitor® – R&M’s original hoist monitoring system. With the OLI app, instantly access up-to-date data on your hoist, including:

• Average load of hoist
• Max load of hoist
• Number of hoist cycles
• Temperature
• Current load
• Runtime


Hoist Condition

Service warnings indicate when it’s time for maintenance so that operators can quickly check to see which parts need attention and replace them before unexpected downtime occurs. Find categorized load history, overloading history, maximum and minimum temperatures and other lifting irregularities all in one place.


Comprehensive Operational Insights

OLI can store data over the full lifetime of your hoist. When combined with annual inspections, operators, factory owners and maintenance personnel can gather insights on why parts of a crane need replaced and how to optimize the process in the future.


Equipment Lifespan

Take the guesswork out of maximizing your crane’s lifespan. OLI will calculate the Designed Working Period (DWP) of your hoist, hoist brake and contactors, displaying exactly how much time is remaining before you need maintenance or replacement of key components of your equipment.


Benefits: How Does OLI Provide a Competitive Edge?

Keep the Factory Safe

OLI sees wear or weakness in your equipment that could come up between inspections. Tracking begins at the creation of the hoist and never ends, so you can compare every variable over the lifespan of the hoist. Avoid overheating, overloading and unnecessary downtime with fault and wear warnings, real-time DWP and a lifetime of condition data, while never leaving the crane’s side.


Improve Operations

OLI not only catches inefficiencies in equipment, it also tells you why inefficiencies are there and where to improve your processes. Factory managers can export the historical data of the hoist and measure productivity goals against a number of factors including running hours and average load.


Save Money

There’s no need to waste time searching through equipment manuals for parameters or taking pen to paper to calculate duty cycles. No special training is required to use OLI, which means operators and technicians can begin using it on their first day. OLI gives you everything you need to avoid downtime, reduce service hours and keep production running.

Ready to take your maintenance efficiency to the next level? Ask your distributor for the OLI electronic key for your next crane order.