ControlMaster® Edge Inverter

Date: 12/17/2021

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ControlMaster® Edge Inverter Offers Consolidated Interface


Simplified Interface and Connections – Meet the ControlMaster® Edge

The ControlMaster® Edge inverter allows operators to connect all their R&M hoist, trolley and bridge motions through a common interface. Offered in five electrical sizes (4 amp – 45 amp) from four frame sizes, the ControlMaster Edge offers an all-in-one replacement for inverters like the ControlMaster LDR, NXT, Aspire and Elite. The hardware and software meet ISO safety performance level classifications more efficiently than in previous models and offer a higher level of precision with the control.

With the latest technology improving communication and connection ability through apps and a simplified interface, the ControlMaster Edge inverter provides an ease of operation that helps you Rise Above.


Increased Functionality – OLI and TD Drive Tool App

Using the latest technology available, the ControlMaster Edge inverter goes beyond other inverters. Visual LED lights on the display indicate the inverter’s status through corresponding colors, and the product’s size is appropriate for hand-held usage. In addition, when combined with a HoistMonitor® Enclave and WiFi mode, the ControlMaster Edge inverter is compatible with the OLI (Overhead Lifting Information) app – allowing users to pull necessary data without stopping production.

Along with OLI, the inverter can be connected on its own to the TD Drive Tool app, offering the ability to connect smart devices with products through an electronic key. One universal electronic key is included with the ControlMaster Edge inverter. If needed, additional electronic keys can be purchased.

When a smart device is connected to the app at a close proximity to the inverter, the TD Drive Tool App Dashboard shows real-time data, including:

  • Output frequency
  • Motor current
  • Motor voltage
  • Active warning codes
  • Active fault codes
  • ICBT temperatures

Previously, accessing a single parameter involved a time-consuming process. Now, the process is simpler and faster. The TD Drive Tool app allows you to display all parameters available – right from your mobile device.

The app makes sharing parameter sets a simple transfer procedure. With efficient viewing, filtering and modifying capabilities, parameters can be examined and compared within seconds. And because parameters are customized and configured into a complete list based on the specifications of each R&M order, you have the exact data you need in the app.

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