Environmental Impact & Sustainability

Date: 3/15/2023

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Reducing Your Environmental Impact with Equipment

Sustainability is more than protecting the environment. Increasingly, companies recognize the importance of connections between people, businesses and society. Sustainability at R&M means a holistic approach to protecting people and our planet.

At R&M Materials Handling, safety and sustainability are the core of our business. How we work and the products we design and build play a key part in our environmental impact. We focus on the maintainability as well as energy and material efficiency of our products. We select repairable and recyclable materials and our advanced technology provides high mechanical and electrical efficiency, which reduces the product’s overall energy consumption. Implementing innovative technology – such as the OLI app that lets you easily pull data to stay ahead of overloads and critical wear – is critical to our efforts as it prolongs the product lifetime and improves the productivity of our customers’ operations, and therefore further reduces energy consumption.


The Next Frontier of Sustainability

R&M Materials Handling is working towards decarbonizing its operations. We are dedicated to uncompromised operational safety, and we want to create a diverse, inclusive and engaging workplace, gain trust in the business community by applying high ethical standards and support customers in achieving their low-carbon goals. At R&M, our sustainability emphasis is to:

  • Decarbonize Operations – We set ambitious emission reduction targets and work to achieve them.
  • Improve Safety – We create products and features that go beyond ASME/CMAA or FEM/ISO standards required by OSHA to increase safety.
  • Promote Diversity and Inclusion – We work to create a culture that values diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplaces so that everyone feels valued, trusted and engaged.
  • Operate with Business Integrity – We hold ourselves and our business partners to the highest ethical standards.
  • Support Customers’ Decarbonization Targets – We improve circularity in all operations to reach Science Based Targets for emissions reduction and optimize the ratio of product lifetime to initial material usage with our customized approach to our modular crane packages.


Sustainability Worldwide

As a global business, we want to lead the industry worldwide in sustainability. Our in-house, global supply chain actively and regularly responds to sustainability indexes and questionnaires such as MSCI ESG, CDP, ISS ESG, Ecovadis, Vigeo Eiris and Sustainalytics. Additionally, they are a signatory member of the UN Global Compact and committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Sustainability in General Manufacturing

By adopting smart, connected, resource- and energy-efficient equipment in your manufacturing operations, you can significantly reduce your own environmental impact. This offers benefits that go beyond the walls of your facility. Not only will your business be more productive, it will also have fewer negative impacts on the environment.

  • Design and build products with durability, maintainability and material and energy efficiency in mind.
  • Use data to schedule preventive and predictive maintenance, saving resources and reducing excess emissions.
  • Develop local crane builders and service networks to repair, retrofit and modernize equipment several times during its lifespan, lengthening its useful lifecycle while minimizing emissions from travel.
  • Provide all-electric products to support easy integration with facilities’ energy goals.


We use our innovative technologies and wide-ranging industry knowledge to build and design products with a longer lifecycle, lower cost of ownership and excellent safety features that help you to reduce your environmental impact.  


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