HoistMonitor® Enclave & IoT Gateway

Date: 12/8/2022

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HoistMonitor® Enclave & IoT gateway


At R&M, we place a high value on digital tools in the crane industry and the safety, productivity and efficiency they can bring to every work floor. As digital tools and advancements in cloud-based monitoring become the new normal in industry standards, we are dedicated to keeping up with innovations and staying one step ahead of technological changes.

This is why R&M offers the HoistMonitor Enclave and IoT gateway together as a package, which can be paired with the Overhead Lifting Information (OLI) app to provide real-time information for your operation. The HoistMonitor Enclave collects data from your application, which is then broadcast to the cloud through the gateway modem. Using the OLI app, operators can view data displayed in a professional, intuitive format. By spending less time shutting down production to retrieve data and compile it into reports, our customers can confidently rise above their competition with increased safety, productivity and time management without physically accessing the crane components.


Functions & Capabilities

R&M’s IoT gateway allows you to connect and retrieve data wirelessly from the HoistMonitor Enclave and access it through the OLI app.

When the operator is logged into the OLI app, they can view active faults or warnings that the HoistMonitor Enclave has recorded and need to be addressed, such as overloads.. Cloud-based monitoring may also clue in the operator that a component is reaching the end of its designed working period (DWP), which refers to the comparison of design limits versus the calculated working period of key hoisting components based on actual hoist usage, such as contactors, the hoist brake or even the hoist itself.

When a component is new, it displays at 100% DWP and counts down from there. As the hoist is used, the operator will begin to receive service warnings to replace common wear items or perform regular maintenance when applicable. The usage behind the service warnings also drives the calculation for the overall designed working period.

The OLI app provides graphical data formats and values without the operator needing to know specific parameters. The app also enables easier access, is more efficient and pre-formats the information.  The HoistMonitor Enclave also has a keypad and built-in display for retrieving information manually if needed. However, when using the IoT gateway, the data is more intuitively available through the app.



Benefits of Cloud-Based Monitoring

Using the HoistMonitor Enclave and IoT gateway provides benefits to operators and others within the crane industry.

  • For crane technicians, it is easier to integrate data into service and inspection reports without the need for time-consuming, complex interpretation and data formatting. For equipment owners, this means data is professionally formatted and insights can be easily integrated into businesses.


  • Facility managers can make data-driven decisions instead of speculative decisions. Sometimes a problem may arise with the hoist and the operator is unsure what caused the issue. With cloud-based monitoring, there is a way to see all the shared data and view recorded events to make an informed decision on where the problem occurred and how to handle it.


  • Safer working environments create efficient production conditions. Operators can stay on the ground and view real-time information without climbing to dangerous heights or accessing high-voltage panels. The HoistMonitor Enclave provides overload protection so that the hoist won’t lift more than its rated capacity. However, when performing a routine load test, crane inspectors can easily change the parameters from the ground for faster and safer load testing procedures.


“Would you ever buy a car without an odometer? Probably not. Yet for years, people bought hoists with no way to view how it was being used, if they were getting full life out of the components or being able to easily check if the components were nearing end of their designed working period. The IoT gateway and OLI app are similar to an odometer, allowing operators to track data to see what and how much is being used. Access to information is as easy as looking at a car dashboard.”

  • Mark Arthur, R&M Materials Handling


The Future of Tech Offerings


R&M prides itself on our innovative and intuitive digital services. We offer crane builders and owners a proven track record of quality data.

We at R&M are opening the door to tech opportunities in the future, such as further enhancements on how data is formatted and enabling remote monitoring of the entire crane. Installing the HoistMonitor Enclave and IoT gateway on your crane now prepares your equipment to be ready for future digital services and technology offerings.

Are you ready to speak with an expert about how the HoistMonitor Enclave and IoT gateway can improve your operations and take them to the next level? Contact us online or call 800-855-9967 for answers to all your questions.